South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council Raise Awareness of Hate

Published Wednesday, 29th March 2017
South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council raise awareness of hate
South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council raise awareness of hate

South Yorkshire Police officers and Council members have been engaging with the public to raise awareness of hate and community justice today, Wednesday 29 March 2017.

The Rotherham Partnership Together event held at New York Stadium saw local partners come together to demonstrate the activity being taken to keep our communities safe, as well as plans being put in place to make a difference to the community through effective partnership working.

At the community-focused event, PC Nicholson along with partners from the council, provided information on hate and the new ‘Hate Hurts. Report it.’ campaign, launched to raise awareness of the hurtful and long-term impact hate has on victims and which encourages reporting.

Throughout the afternoon information was given out and members of the community had the opportunity to speak about the new campaign, what hate is, how it can be reported and what is being done by the police and the council, through their community justice panel, to tackle the issue.

PC Nicholson said: “Many people are unaware of what hate is and the channels available to report it. To change this and highlight the severity of hate and the devastating and lasting impact it can have on both victims and witnesses subjected to it, we have launched our new 'Hate Hurts. Report it.' campaign.

“The campaign, which was developed and designed with the input of different community groups, specifically highlights how hate makes people feel and aims to provide victims with a voice and encourages reporting.

“The new campaign is just part of the action being taken to tackle hate and encourage both victims and witnesses to report it. In Rotherham, I have been working with local PCSOs to visit local colleges, raising awareness amongst the sporting community through engagement events and promoting Operation Solar, Rotherham’s anonymous reporting channel. Similar work and local engagement activity has also taken place across Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster.

“Everyone at SYP is committed to tackling hate and we will work wherever possible to raise awareness, provide support and encourage reporting, so we can tackle and prevent further hate.”

Rotherham Council’s Cllr Emma Hoddinott, Chair of the Safer Rotherham Partnership, added: “Abuse based on prejudice and discrimination will not be tolerated in our communities and victims of hate crime shouldn’t suffer. We hope people will come forward to report incidents, it can be as simple as sending an email about what you've experienced or seen."

If you would like any advice, support or further information about hate and the reporting channels available:

Visit the South Yorkshire Police website