Extra wardens tackle littering and dog fouling

Published Thursday, 27th April 2017
New enforcement officers
The new litter enforcement officers

Extra Council wardens will be on the streets of Rotherham from this week – with people facing fines for dropping litter and dog fouling.

Rotherham Council’s Assistant Director for Community Safety and Street Scene Karen Hanson said: “We want to make the borough a nicer place for people who work, live in and visit Rotherham. By putting extra officers on the beat, we can specifically target dog owners who refuse to clean up after their dogs’ foul or use a bin for their litter.

“This approach demonstrates the Council’s commitment to protect the health and environment of residents and visitors, and to tackle environmental crime as part of our ‘Time for Action’ initiative to strengthen Council enforcement.

“Whilst the Council has had the ability to fine people in the past, our extra officers mean that there is a greater chance of culprits being caught and fined.”

Officers will be patrolling key hotspot locations throughout the borough, issuing fixed penalty notices to individuals found to be committing environmental crime.

A fixed penalty fine allows the person to discharge any liability of conviction for the offence. If payment is not received then the Council will prosecute.

Karen added: “We know it can be frustrating when environmental crime keeps re-occurring, but we will be doing our best to catch the people who keep spoiling the streets of Rotherham.

“By working together, we can make Rotherham proud and tidy.”