New tool launched to encourage living well for longer

Published Monday, 12th June 2017
adult social care
Left to right: Founder, Professor Peter Gore and Rotherham Council's Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Councillor David Roche, launch the iAgeWell Rotherham online tool.

Local residents are set to benefit from a unique tool that helps them to map their ageing journey and improve their chances of living better for longer.

The pioneering 'I age well tool' will support residents to make choices today and in the future that can play a major part in how to age well. 

The resource has been developed by experts at Newcastle University and ADL Smartcare Limited. It gives practical advice and information on how to deal with the 15 developmental stages of decline that an adult with may / will  go through in later life, mapping their details against the evidence based “life curve” and providing  preventative advice and tips. 

With free access to over 100 areas of expert knowledge, advice, products, services and activities specific to individual needs, the tool can help build a plan to help residents achieve their goals around healthy ageing.

Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Councillor Roche, said: “We are committed to transforming the lives of our ageing Rotherham population. Enabling residents to make their own choices and access the resources they need to age well is a vital part of this.

"We know that just a small proportion of the ageing process is genetic and we hope that this tool will enrich peoples’ lives helping them to live well for longer and slowing the rate of decline.  It’s a quick and easy online resource that’s available free to anyone who wants to find out how to map and manage their ageing journey better.“

There are 15 indicators of decline so anyone who is finding that simple daily tasks are becoming a struggle should consider using the tool. Examples include, the ability to cook a hot meal, go shopping, get dressed, light housework or walk 40 yards without difficulty. 

A wide range of local organisations attended the launch of the resource at the New York Stadium today (12th June) to learn more about the resource and how they can use it with their customers.Demonstrations took place to show how simple and quick the tool is to use from any device 24/7.  Front facing staff will be using the tool with service users to build up personal “tasks” and activities, as well as support individuals to complete a self-assessment to encourage an individual to take control of how well they age.

Visit the 'iAgeWell' Rotherham website

Activities of Daily Life  - the 15 indicators of decline include: 

1.            Cutting toenails

2.            Shopping

3.            Using steps

4.            Walk 400 yards

5.            Heavy housework

6.            Full wash

7.            Cook a hot meal

8.            Moving around

9.            Transfer from chair

10.          Light housework

11.          Transfer from toilet

12.          Get dressed

13.          Transfer from bed

14.          Wash face and hands

15.          Eat independently