Commissioners' latest letter to the Secretary of State

Published Wednesday, 5th July 2017
commissioner ney
Lead Commissioner, Mary Ney

The Commissioners' latest letter to the Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities is published today on the Council's website.

It reports that the Council has continued to make significant progress on its improvement journey and specifically in relation to five of the six remaining functions not yet restored to Council control. The letter sets out the key aspects of progress and asks the Secretary of State to consider returning to Rotherham Councillors decision-making powers in relation to these functions – community safety, waste management, performance management, asset management, and HR.

Commissioners would continue to have oversight of returned functions and in addition, powers will be retained by Commissioners in relation to children’s safeguarding and social care services while improvements continue.

The Government-appointed Commissioners were appointed until March 2019 to improve services and hand back decision-making to the Council.

The Secretary of State is now considering the proposals. Should he be minded to return powers, local people will have the opportunity to comment before a final decision is made.

See the letter and supporting documents below.

Read the letter online