Work set to begin on town centre improvements

Published Wednesday, 19th July 2017
Derelict buildings on Corporation Street
Corporation Street

Cyclists and pedestrians will see improvements in Rotherham town centre after the Council successfully obtained funding to improve access.

Work will begin shortly in the Corporation Street, Bridge Street and Frederick Street area – which is also a key gateway to the town centre in Rotherham’s masterplan.

The new Department of Transport funding, obtained through Sheffield City Region, will enable a number of improvements to take place, including:

  • Improved pedestrian crossing facilities including an extra traffic light controlled crossing between the entrance to Rotherham Interchange and Frederick Street
  • Landscaping improvements on the corner of Corporation Street, Bridge Street and Frederick Street to make the area more attractive.
  • Improved environment for cyclists by making the route more cycle friendly, providing another vital link into the town centre from/to the west of the Borough. 
  • High quality bike stands and storage 

The Council will also be taking the opportunity to install additional surface water drainage as part of the environmental improvement works, as this area of town is susceptible to flooding.

Because of the nature of these drainage works, and the works to the footways, five trees currently in area adjacent to the ‘Scala’ car park will need to be replaced. The aim is to create an open and attractive walking environment, removing the current raised planters that create shade and hidden areas where reported antisocial behaviour occurs. 

Rotherham Council is also moving forward with steps towards compulsory purchase of a group of derelict buildings on Corporation Street, if efforts to contact the owners continue to be unsuccessful, in a bid to improve the appearance of the area.

Rotherham Council’s Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment, Damien Wilson, said: “Promoting sustainable travel and making it easier for people to access the town centre by bike and foot are key to our plans to regenerate the town centre. 

"This particular route is part of the Transpennine Trail and National Cycle Network, whilst the train station and new tram-train route is a key gateway into the town. These improvements are part of our overall plans to improve this area of the town and we look forward to seeing a much-improved environment for visitors to enjoy."

He added: “The environmental improvements will have a positive effect on the street scene, creating a brighter, more open and accessible space. We hope that this work, coupled with the progress being made on the nearby derelict buildings, will enhance this busy part of the town centre and make it more attractive to all who use it.”

It is anticipated that the existing trees will be removed on the weekends of the 23 and 30 July with the drainage and highway works expected to start later this summer. Replacement trees will be planted as part of the landscaping work.

The Department for Transport funding was obtained to undertake accessibility improvements for pedestrians and cyclists travelling between the Town Centre and the area west of the town centre (Masbrough and Ferham). 

This will be the first phase of improvement works, with a second phase providing a dedicated pedestrian footbridge between the train station and College Road roundabout.  The new bridge will seek to further improve the route for pedestrians and cyclists, providing an important link between town centre and surrounding neighbourhoods.

The town centre masterplan details how major development will take place - from a vibrant leisure quarter at Forge Island, a new leisure attraction at Guest & Chrimes, attractive outdoor spaces, and high quality riverside living. 

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