Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) Rotherham Town Centre and Clifton Park

Published Thursday, 20th July 2017
Public spaces protection order consultation
Public spaces protection order consultation

Rotherham Council is regenerating Rotherham town centre, making it an attractive place for people to visit and do business.

Despite these continued efforts, the Council continues to receive complaints about a minority of people who behave in an unacceptable way. Not only does this have an impact on individuals who may suffer at the hands of such behaviour but it can also give others a negative perception of the town centre.

Whilst Rotherham and its town centre remain safe places to enjoy, the Council and its partners are keen to access the full range of powers available, in order to continue to support the vibrancy of these areas and attract more visitors.

The Council and its partners continue to look at new and innovative ways to not only address poor behaviour but also to promote positive behaviours, seeking to set a standard for our town centre and Clifton Park. One of the measures currently under consideration is the use of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). The area in which the order would be in effect can be seen in the attached map.

A PSPO introduces a number of prohibitions to address the anti-social behaviour of individuals visiting these areas. By outlining these prohibitions we can also make it clear what kind of behaviour is acceptable in the town centre.

The conditions below have been drafted in direct response to the concerns raised by the public, partners businesses and councillors. They are:

  • Behaving in such a way or using language that causes, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to another person
  • Drinking alcohol other than in a licensed premises or event
  • Spitting
  • Face-to-face fundraising and marketing carried out by organisations without permission of the Council
  • Failing to keep a dog on a leash and under control
  • Using or carrying illegal drugs
  • Littering
  • Using a vehicle to cause a nuisance
  • Urinating or defecating in a public place

The Council would like to know how you feel about the introduction of a PSPO and whether you feel the conditions proposed would tackle poor behaviours and promote behaviours that you see as positive.

Your views will help us shape how we deal with some of the anti-social behaviour issues within the town centre and Clifton Park.

Any individual in breach of the PSPO would be subject to a £100 penalty. Those that failed to pay this would be liable for prosecution. If authorised, this order would commence in Autumn 2017.

Residents are invited to an informal drop-in session to talk to the Community Safety Unit on Tuesday 1 August at their town centre stall, or visit the café area of Riverside House, Main Street, on Thursday 10 August 2017 between 10am and 3pm.

To comment on the proposal and let us know about other issues you feel the order should include.

Have your say on the proposed Public Spaces Protection Order

The consultation will close on Wednesday 16 August 2017.

Once the consultation feedback has been analysed, the results and proposed PSPO will be presented to the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board and to the Council's Cabinet for final approval.