Hunt for permanent family for four sisters

Published Friday, 20th October 2017
Hunt for permanent family for four foster sisters
Hunt for permanent family for four foster sisters.

The bond between four young sisters in Rotherham has been deemed to be so deep that they now need to be adopted together.

The four all came into the care of Rotherham Council’s social services last year when the youngest was still just a baby.

Now aged seven, six, four and two they are living with foster parents while the hunt is on to find them a permanent home.

Foster mum “Anne”, whose name has been changed to protect the identity of the four sisters, said: “They are very close and they do need to be together, I think it would devastate them if they were split up.

"They need to be cared for and looked after and they need that warmth. They need to know they are loved.”

Anne and her husband are both 66. Over the years they have fostered more than 200 children and have even gone on to adopt a number of those children as well.

And if they were younger, they may even have considered adopting all the sisters. "If we thought we could give the youngest 18-20 years of our lives we would say yes, but I just don't know," added Anne.

"Ten to 20 years ago we would have said yes, but age is now against us. We will of course keep them here as long as that is needed. We just hope someone out there can come and offer the girls what we are no longer in a position to do.

“They are absolutely lovely, very sweet and very close. They would make someone a fantastic ready-made family. Their close bond would be an asset for anyone wanting to take them on.”

Anne said the amount the four sisters had changed since coming to live with her was remarkable and she firmly believes they will grow up into happy, well-adjusted people, with the love of all their sisters guiding them on into a safe and secure adulthood.

There are currently 12 groups of siblings of four or more in the country who need to be placed together. And Rotherham social services have two such groups who desperately need to be found a permanent home.

The Council is hopeful publicity about the girls, which comes on National Adoption Week this week, will help to find them a permanent home, or find potential parents for other groups of children. The girls’ care plan, which has been approved in court, is that they will try aim to keep them all together.

Cllr Gordon Watson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children and Young People’s Services at Rotherham Council said: “Having children is a gift and something to be treasured, but sadly some children are not lucky enough to be born into families where they are put first in this way.

“For some children keeping bonds they have already developed with their siblings can make all the difference in order for them to be able to thrive. This group of four young girls have a very close sibling bond and it would no doubt cause them further grief if they were to be split up in order to find them permanent homes. If you are considering adoption please, please consider this little family of sisters. It is unusual for a Council to have such a large sibling group but these girls clearly love each other dearly and would make a perfect family for the right person who could give them the forever home they deserve.”

He added taking on four children all at once might seem incredibly daunting, but the Council is now offering a package of support to help anyone who wants to adopt larger sibling groups.

This includes help with a bigger car and other items which families may need to purchase.

The Council also offers therapeutic care where it is needed and an on-going programme of training to help adopters improve their skills and understanding of children in their care.

The majority of children with an Adoption Plan and Placement Order which Rotherham Council is trying to find families for are in sibling groups. There are 16 children needing a permanent home and this includes five sibling groups – two groups of four brothers and sisters and three groups of pairs.

Anyone interested in adopting should contact Rotherham Council's adoption team:

Visit the adoption in Rotherham website

Call Rotherham Council's adoption team on 01709 254005