A new borough wide ‘Call to Action’ is launched

Published Thursday, 26th October 2017
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Launching the ‘Call to Action’ from left to right: Chief Executive of Age UK Rotherham, Lesley Dabell; Rotherham Council Strategic Commissioner for Prevention and Early Intervention, Joanne Bell; Chair of Rotherham Older People’s Forum, Liz Booth; Rotherham Together Partnership Manager, Carole Haywood, Secretary of Rotherham Pensioners’ Action Group, Beryl Billington.

Rotherham Council is seeking information about community groups who are helping to make the borough a great place to grow older.

During Rotherham Older People's Month (October 2017), the Council has launched its ‘Call to Action’ to inspire smaller community groups and organisations who are supporting older people across Rotherham to come forward and identify themselves.
Launched at Age UK Rotherham’s  Age Friendly Rotherham event at Rotherham Town Hall on 25 October, it is planned that the information gathered can be shared for the benefit of all Rotherham residents through Rotherham Gismo, administered by Voluntary Action Rotherham and Connect to Support; the council’s online market place as well as other websites.
In addition, part of the ‘Call to Action’ is to alert groups about the advice and support the Council can give to help groups grow and flourish whilst they continue to deliver services in local areas. This includes, finding suitable meeting spaces,  advice on promotion, as well as making sure groups know of what else is happening locally in their ward areas. 
Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Councillor David Roche, said: “We are aware that a lot of good work happens in our local communities and we want to know what’s out there and urge local groups to get in touch with us. 
“The idea for a ‘Call to Action’ has come about due to a need, like many other local authorities, to learn in more detail about the huge diversity and quality of the opportunities available for our older people in the borough. 
“Our ambition is to enable older people to have real choice and control; to live independently and be engaged in meaningful activities in their community, with every adult secure, responsible and empowered. We want Rotherham to be a great place to grow older, where everyone is able to love later life.”
This ‘Call to Action’ is aimed at informal clubs, peer support groups and local interest support groups who meet regularly, either just for fun, or to make new friends. 
By gathering local market intelligence through this ‘mapping exercise’, the Council can better develop further growth opportunities and in turn plan an effective response to meeting the care and support needs of Rotherham’s growing older population.
The most recent national population data shows that Rotherham’s population has grown and that people are living longer; 19.3% of Rotherham’s population were aged 65 or over in 2016 and this is projected to rise to 20.2% by 2020 and continue rising to reach 21.7% by 2025. Within the population of over 65s, the oldest age groups are increasing fastest, with the number aged 85 or over rising from 5,930 in 2016 to a projected increase to 6,560 (+10%) by 2020 and to 8000 (+33%) by 2025. 
Cllr Roche added: “The ‘Call to Action’, we hope, will give us a clearer understanding of the community based provision in the borough whilst at the same time give us the chance to support the groups supporting our growing population of older residents.”
To register your interest: 

Telephone: 01709 334069

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