Householders reminded to contact the Council

Published Thursday, 9th November 2017
work on pavement

Householders in Rotherham are being reminded to check with the Council before carrying out any work on the pavements outside their properties.

A number of properties in the borough have had unauthorised work carried out to “drop” kerbs leading to their driveways.
However people may not be aware that permission is needed from the Council before such work takes place.
“People may not be aware that they need to seek permission from the Council’s Highways Section before this work is carried out,” said Colin Knight, Rotherham Council’s Head of Service for Highways.
“The Council can install a dropped kerb for you, or you can use your own contractor once permission has been granted - but they must be properly licensed to do the work and householders should check their qualifications.
“We would recommend that anyone considering having this kind of work done speaks to the Council in the first instance – as people have fallen victim to “rogue traders” in the past and ended up with examples of poor workmanship that has then cost them even more to put right.”
Members of the public can find out more, or quickly and easily apply for a dropped kerb, online at the Council website.

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