Twenty five great new homes to meeting housing needs in Rotherham

Published Tuesday, 5th December 2017
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Left to right: Stuart Oxley, Managing Director, O & P Construction , Cabinet Member for Housing Councillor Dominic Beck, Councillor Lyndsay Pitchley and Councillor Mick Elliott (Holderness ward councillors).

Rotherham Council is taking steps to make sure the housing it offers for rent meets the needs of Rotherham’s residents.

Three groups of people that often struggle to find a suitable home are single people in need of a one bedroom property, older people in need of level access accommodation, and households with a disabled family member.

Twenty new build bungalows will be added to the Council’s stock meeting the growing need for single storey, accessible properties and earlier this year, the Council successfully secured £25,000 of Government funding, towards the cost of remodelling some of its existing large three bedroom flats and adapting them to make smaller homes.

At Grange Road in Swinton, three bedroomed flats have been converted to five one bedroom properties and one two bedroom property, all which are now let.

In addition, the Council has started the first phase of constructing new bungalows which will be built over the next three years in various locations across the borough. 

There will be a combination of bungalows for those over 55 years and some larger bungalows for families with a disabled family member.   

Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Dominic Beck, said: “I am proud to have launched these important schemes in the borough to add new homes to our Council Housing stock that are either being built or adapted to meet the changing needs of our residents.

“Having suitable housing can make a huge difference to quality of life; our younger residents want to live somewhere that is affordable and easier to maintain, and some of our older residents and disabled tenants need to live somewhere more suited to their physical needs, such as bungalows. 

“Whether tenants need support for themselves or if they are caring for someone else. These new homes will provide more appropriate settings, making it easier for residents to lead independent fulfilling lives in homes that they can manage more easily.”

The bungalows are jointly funded by the Council and the Homes and Communities Agency and have been built by local housing building firm, O & P Construction.

Stuart Oxley, Managing Director, O & P Construction said:  "We are proud at O & P Construction to be chosen as the main contractor to build these bungalows which are the first for a long time and hopefully the beginning of a new era of new council housing in the borough.”

Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Dominic Beck, added: “I’m delighted to be marking the start of the building of these more specialist homes in Swallownest, Catcliffe for families in need.”

The first phase of building the bungalows begins over two sites in the borough; Catherine Avenue, Swallownest which will see the development of two, two bedroomed bungalows and two, one bedroomed properties.  St Marys Drive, Catcliffe, will see the development of two, two bedroomed  bungalows.  

Both sites are scheduled for completion by April 2018.