Nuisance neighbours warned following equipment seizure

Published Wednesday, 6th December 2017
Councillors and officers with seized noise equipment
Councillors and officers with the seized equipment

“We won’t tolerate noise nuisance, and if you don’t heed warnings, you could see your property confiscated.”

That’s the message to inconsiderate neighbours following a recent seizure of noise-making equipment from a privately-rented property at Eastwood.

The equipment, which included an electronic keyboard, amplifiers and speakers, was removed from a home following complaints from other people living on the same street about noisy late-night parties.

Despite a number of warnings, the householders continued to cause a noise nuisance and so on November 14 Rotherham Council enforcement officers, supported by South Yorkshire Police, seized the equipment from the property and confiscated it.

Pictured with the equipment seized from Eastwood recently are Rotherham East Ward Councillors Wendy Cooksey and Tajamal Khan, Enforcement Officer Jeremy Squires, Rotherham Warden Paul Beever and Principal Community Protection Officer, Javaid Gul.

Anyone experiencing issues with noise nuisance can report it via the website.

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