Council consults on Government Inspector’s changes to draft Local Plan

Published Friday, 12th January 2018
Council consults on Government Inspector’s changes to draft Local Plan
Council consults on Government Inspector’s changes to draft Local Plan

Rotherham Council is consulting on some changes to its draft local plan required by a Government Inspector.

These changes are considered necessary to enable the plan to be passed as fit for purpose and adopted by the Council.

The Local Plan – which is a statutory requirement - is the Council’s 15 year plan to provide for future development needs for the borough. It sets out how many houses need to be built and allocates land for new homes and jobs.

The plan is made up of two parts:

Core Strategy, which sets out the headline numbers and strategic policies, was approved by a Government Inspector and adopted by the Council in 2014, and

Sites and Policies, which identifies individual sites for development and provides detailed policies to assess all proposed future development against.

The changes being consulted on relate to the Sites and Policies part of the plan which deals with allocating land for homes and jobs in the borough. This was submitted to the Government in March 2016 before being examined by an Independent Inspector.

The Inspector considered all comments made on the plan and held a series of public hearings including, most recently, to consider two additional housing sites in the Wath area.

The Inspector has now taken into account the Council’s evidence, along with all the submissions made, and concluded that some modifications are needed to the plan to make it sound. These include inserting the two additional housing sites in the Wath area into the plan.

Members of the pubic and interested parties now have until Monday February 19 to comment on the changes.

There is no need to repeat any previous comments submitted as these are still being considered by the Inspector. The Inspector will only consider comments that specifically relate to the proposed main modifications.

Rotherham Council’s Strategic Director of Regeneration and Environment Damien Wilson said: “The Inspector has indicated that our plan can be passed, subject to some changes. This is good news for the Council and the people of Rotherham as the plan promotes the new homes and jobs the borough needs. But we are not quite there yet; we now need to consult on the Inspector’s changes. The current consultation will enable further comments to be made before the final decision is made by the Inspector.”

All the responses received relating to the modifications to the Local Plan will for forwarded to the Inspector. The Inspector will then consider each response before finally concluding whether or not the changes are required.

To comment go to:

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The consultation documents are available during normal opening times at the Council’s main office at Riverside House, Main Street, Rotherham, S60 1AE, and in all libraries in the borough. The location of the Council’s libraries and opening times are available at

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