Plans to improve Clifton Park

Published Wednesday, 7th February 2018
Plans to improve Clifton Park
Plans to improve Clifton Park

Rotherham Council is developing plans to provide new tennis courts and increase car parking spaces at Clifton Park to improve facilities for its many different visitors.

The Council is working with the Lawn Tennis Association and Sport England to fund, subject to planning consent, five new floodlit tennis courts within Clifton Park on the site of the old bowling greens, which have not been used for a number of years.

Car parking will also be increased by extending the museum car park onto the existing tennis courts as part of the same scheme.

Rotherham Council’s Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment Damien Wilson said: “These improvements will increase opportunities for people to play more sports and, as our new improved courts will be flood-lit, people will be able to play for longer in the evenings, in a safe environment.

“Meanwhile, with increasing visitor numbers to Clifton Park, the additional car parking will provide much-needed space.”

The Council has been communicating with Moorgate Tennis Club and other users of Clifton Park to try and ensure that, where possible, the Council can meet their short term needs at some of the borough’s other parks for the short period the renovations are taking place. The work is expected to be carried out within the next 12 to 24 months.

Damien added: “We are expecting another busy summer season at Clifton Park and so we can start work imminently on the car park once finance is in place to meet the immediate need to accommodate a large number of visitors to the park. Meanwhile, as the tennis courts is a much larger project, we will continue to work with our external funders to progress the scheme.”

The Council is in discussion with the Lawn Tennis Association and members of the Rotherham Tennis network about how to best manage the transition and look to provide other tennis improvements for Rotherham’s residents.

Paul Sheard, Regional Tennis Participation Manager, of the Lawn Tennis Association, said: “The Lawn Tennis Association is supportive of the plan to relocate the tennis courts. The proposed project will provide an additional tennis court, as well as new flood-lighting on all courts which will help ensure that tennis playing opportunities are available throughout the year. The Lawn Tennis Association is working in partnership with Rotherham Council and Parks Tennis CIC to make tennis more accessible and provide programmes that will take the sport to a new audience in Rotherham.”

Anyone who would like further information or would like to comment on the proposed changes can contact Clifton Park.

Call Clifton Park on 01709 254588