Waste Collection Changes

Published Wednesday, 4th April 2018
Proposed changes to Waste Collection Service

Monthly kerbside collection of plastics from all households in Rotherham will start early next year under plans due to be approved by the Council’s Cabinet.

In a recent consultation about the way household waste and recycling is collected, residents told Rotherham Council they wanted to see plastics recycled at kerbside, recycling to be collected in bins rather than bags and boxes as it is currently, and also their old bins reused where possible.

More than 7,000 residents gave their views in the consultation.

From this October, garden waste will be collected eleven months of the year from households who choose to pay an annual fee of £39 – which works out at less than £2 a collection. The first households to sign up will get a 15 month service for the price of 12, running from October this year until January 2020. Similar charges are already in place in more than half of the councils in the country.

Under the Council’s new proposals, the current 240 litre black waste bin will be kept and used for recycling of glass, plastics and metals. The current green garden waste bin will be used for paper and card.

Because households will have more space for all their waste a new, smaller, 180 litre bin will be provided to all households for non-recyclable rubbish.

The proposals are expected to increase recycling in the borough closer to the Government’s 50% target, whilst saving the Council about half a million pounds a year.

Damien Wilson, Rotherham Council’s Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment, said: “I am pleased that we had such a high response to our consultation and that we have been able to incorporate many of the changes that people asked us to do. This includes kerbside plastic recycling and ensuring we reuse the old bins where we can.

“If these plans are approved by the Council’s Cabinet, every household will overall have more space in their bins than they currently have and recycling will be made easier.”

He added: “These will be the biggest changes to the way that household waste is collected in Rotherham for a number of years, but residents don’t need to worry – over Spring and Summer nothing will alter, and you should continue to put your bins and recycling out as normal. As we get later in the year we will be setting out clearly how the changes affect each household, and what you need to do if you want to subscribe to the new garden waste service.

“Like every council across the country we are under increasing pressure to look at how we deliver our waste services. We need to ensure they are value for money as well as making sure they achieve high levels of recycling, and that is what we are trying to do.”

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