Children once again get preferred primary school

Published Monday, 16th April 2018
School children
School children

Thousands of children will be going to their preferred primary school in Rotherham from this September, new figures out today show.

Today (Monday) is National Offer Day for entry to primary school for the next academic year, and figures show even more children than last year have been offered a place at their preferred school here in Rotherham.

Percentages show those getting their first preference is up on last year. This year 93.6 percent have got their first preference; which is slightly up from last year.

Overall 98.1 percent have got into their first, second or third preferred school, which early indications show is above the national average. This total includes all extra district applications.

Ian Thomas, Strategic Director of Children and Young People’s Services at Rotherham Council said: “We know this can be a worrying time of year for many parents and carers as they get to find out if their child has got into a preferred school.

“I hope today’s figures provide the reassurance that we prioritise getting the best start in life for all children and this includes ensuring they get to go to their local school wherever possible. Having a good quality education on your doorstep is key to helping children achieve their potential.”

Over the last few years Rotherham, like many places across the country, has seen extra demand for primary school places, largely driven by an increase in the birth rate. This increase has had an effect on primary schools right across the town.

To combat this, Rotherham Council has invested £15m since 2011 in an expansion and building programme, permanently adding an additional 1,500 primary school places. This has meant that the borough is able to continue to satisfy a high percentage of parental preferences enabling children to attend a school of their parents’ preference.

Whilst it has not been possible to offer all children a place at their first preferred school, parents do have the right of appeal. Cases are heard by independent appeals panels and the panels decisions are legally binding.

The Council also maintains a waiting list until 31 December and will work closely with the families involved to ensure that they are supported through this process.

In total 3,048 parents will receive notification today (April 16) of which school their child has been allocated. This will come via email to most families at some point during the day, but others may have to wait until later this week for a letter in the post.