Vehicle impounded after persistent offending

Published Tuesday, 24th April 2018
Car being towed away
The vehicle is impounded

A rogue motorist has had their unregistered vehicle seized and impounded by Rotherham Council after persistently offending.

Council parking enforcement officers arranged for the vehicle to be towed away as a “persistent evader” after six penalty charge notices went unpaid – including three instances of parking on school zig zag markings.
The Council has been unable to trace the vehicle keeper as the car is not registered properly with the DVLA so the vehicle was seized and impounded.
Rotherham Council announced plans to tackle the problem of persistent evaders, along with those who park dangerously or cause obstructions, in September 2016.
Since then 24 vehicles have been seized by the authority and £2,650 in unpaid penalty charges has been recovered.
Tom Smith, Rotherham Council's Assistant Director for Community Safety and Street Scene, added: "Unfortunately a small number of motorists are responsible for a high number of offences, which can cause safety issues for other highway users – particularly when the offences are outside schools, as in this instance.
“We’re determined to crack down on these types of persistent offending – and I’m pleased to say that over the last 18 months or so we've seen a fall in persistent problems with vehicles being parked dangerously.”

Once Rotherham Council takes action against a persistent evader, the vehicle can be impounded.

To recover their vehicle, the keeper must produce photo ID and proof of ownership of the vehicle, along with proof of address.

The release fee of £105 plus the penalty charge notice issued on the day of impounding must be paid before the vehicle is released. The keeper will be required to pay any further outstanding debt.