Clean sweep with plans for replacement bins

Published Monday, 2nd July 2018
Solar Bins
Solar bins

Plans to get rid of old concrete bins and replace dozens of damaged bins across the borough are set to get the go ahead.

Rotherham Council is planning a raft of changes to its street cleaning and bins to ensure a cleaner, greener and safer environment for residents.

This will involve replacing all the old concrete bins and trialling 15 “solar compactor” bins that need emptying less frequently.

At the same time the Council is planning to buy two new street cleaning machines to add to the two already in place.

The move will also look to save much needed funds for the cash-strapped council over the coming years.

Cllr Sarah Allen, Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Cleaner, Greener Communities said: “Having a clean, safe and green environment to live in is one of the key things residents tell us is important to them.

“That is why earlier this year we committed funds from our budget to pay for more street cleaning and better bins.”

She added a recent review of the bins across the borough identified many bins were badly damaged and beyond repair, or inappropriate for their function and should be replaced.

“We have prioritised the funding as it is important that residents feel happy and safe in their surroundings,” she added. “The current budget for replacement of litter bins was out of date and totally inadequate to meet the needs and priorities of the Council and residents. We want to act on what our residents tell us is important to them.”

The plans, which will be discussed at a Cabinet meeting on July 9, are to replace the 160 “priority” litter bins both in central Rotherham and outlying areas.

In addition the solar powered compactor bins will be trialled in the town centre and other commercial areas.

These bins use computer technology to alert staff when they are full and to compact the rubbish inside. This will mean the bins will be able to hold more rubbish; be emptied less frequently; will cut down on unnecessary collection runs and prevent issues with overflowing bins.

The bins could reduce the number of collections from on-street rubbish bins by as much as 80 per cent in the long term, it has been estimated.

The smart technology in the bins runs on a rechargeable battery, which is powered entirely by solar panels.

The proposals will cost over £400,000 to implement, which will be taken from capital funding already committed to by the Council earlier in the year.

Currently there are more than 1,880 bins across the Rotherham Council area, with about 120 bins in the town centre.