Bike breakfast encourages pupils to get active

Published Wednesday, 11th July 2018
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Pupils from Anston Brook Primary School are enjoying a bike breakfast today (Wednesday 11th July) as part of the school’s ‘healthy school week’.

To encourage more pupils, parents and staff to travel to school actively, those that cycle into school receive fruit, juice, snacks and other goodies courtesy of the Tesco store in Dinnington. Pupils that scoot to school will also get chance to take part in scooter skills sessions.  
The bike breakfast and scooter skills sessions are being delivered by the STARS South Yorkshire team, who work with schools across the region to encourage more young people to travel actively to school. 

Through the delivery of fun, engaging and education activities, schools can achieve the Modeshift STARS school accreditation award, which recognizes schools that demonstrate excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel. 
Teacher and Healthy School’s Coordinator at Anston Brook Primary, Liz Smith said, “We have lots of activities planned this week. 

"Pupils will have the opportunity to learn about healthy eating and take part in a range of sports. By encouraging regular participation in physical activity we aim to support our pupils to live healthier, happier lives.”
Active Travel Officer for Rotherham, Dom Qaiser Sweeting said, “Holding a bike breakfast and running scooter skills sessions are easy ways to encourage pupils to ride to school. Pupils love travelling to school by bike or scooter and it’s a great way to stay fit and healthy. We are really happy that Tesco could help support today’s event.”