Tough new rule will immobilise dangerous vehicles

Published Wednesday, 5th December 2018
parking ticket, penalty charge notice, enforcement
Penalty Charge Notices

Rotherham Council is proposing to bring in new rules to enable untaxed vehicles or those with multiple unpaid penalty charge notices to be clamped.

The Council already has the power to remove untaxed or abandoned vehicles, or those with multiple unpaid penalty charges.

However, the time it takes to organise a removal contractor sometimes results in the vehicle being driven away or, in the case where it has been legally blocked in until removal can be arranged, the driver manoeuvring dangerously in order to get their vehicle out.

Clamping would prevent the vehicle being driven away whilst the Council is waiting for it to be removed and taken to a compound.

A recommendation to introduce clamping in these circumstances is due go to this month’s Cabinet meeting on Monday 17 December. If the proposal is accepted, the Council would expect the new rules to come into force immediately.

Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Jobs and the Local Economy Cllr Denise Lelliott said: “This proposal will ensure that our parking service officers and contractors are better equipped to take action against anyone who does not pay tax on their vehicle or persistently avoids paying fines, as well as ensure that they will have a safer working environment by preventing dangerous actions attempted by some drivers to drive the vehicle away before it is removed.”

Case study 1:
In September 2018, a persistent evader’s vehicle was identified on Carlisle Street, Rotherham. Attempts were made to block the vehicle in until the removal truck arrived but, due to the location where the vehicle was parked, this could not be fully achieved. This resulted in the vehicle being driven away over the footway and striking one of the Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers as it was driven past her. 

Case study 2:
In October 2017, a persistent evader’s car was identified on St Ann's Road, Rotherham. The contractor was in the process of fixing the lifting apparatus to the vehicle when the keeper came from a nearby house and drove the car over the footway, narrowly missing employees of the Council and the contractor.