New rules to improve private lettings set to be agreed

Published Wednesday, 29th May 2019
Council housing

Improving the standards of privately rented accommodation with a new “selective licensing” scheme is set to be agreed for two Rotherham areas.

Over 400 privately rented properties in parts of Thurcroft and Parkgate are set to become the latest homes to be regulated in the borough if plans are approved by Cabinet next month.

Under the selective licensing proposals, all private landlords in the area will be legally required to have a licence for any rented house and to make sure they meet their obligations to provide appropriate housing.

This includes ensuring properties are safe and secure and dealing with any anti-social behaviour.

Selective licensing gives the Council greater powers to intervene where problems arise.

Further schemes currently operating in Masborough, Eastwood, Maltby South East and Dinnington are also set to be reviewed before they come to the end of the first five year period during which licences have been required.

Cllr Dominic Beck, Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing said: “Selective licensing improves the standard of housing for entire neighbourhoods. It leads to more reliable, longer term tenancies; higher quality and safer housing standards; reduced levels of homelessness; and increased property and rent values which in turn helps create greater community cohesion.”

He added there is a high reliance on the private sector for housing in both Thurcroft and Parkgate as there is high unemployment, poor health, and higher levels of crime than the average.

The Cabinet meeting will take place on June 10. If the recommendations are agreed it will need to go to the Government for final approval.