Public Consultation on Selective Licensing

Published Tuesday, 23rd July 2019
housing in Rotherham

A public consultation is currently taking place on proposals to renew Selective Licensing in parts of the existing areas and to designate a new area in Little London in Maltby.

Rotherham Council is considering using the powers under the Housing Act 2004 to require all private landlords in Little London to have a licence for rented housing they operate.

This will help tackle the effects of deprivation which is leading to poor health outcomes for residents, and to support residents on the lowest incomes to ensure they have safe and healthy homes.

Selective Licensing has been operating in central Rotherham, Masbrough, Eastwood, Maltby South East, Dinnington for the last four years. Initial inspections under the current scheme found 9 out of 10 properties were unsafe, with 97% of properties inspected now meeting the minimum housing health and safety standards. These schemes are now being reviewed before they come to the end of the first five year period.

Last month, Rotherham Council’s Cabinet approved two new Selective Licensing schemes for Thurcroft and Parkgate, which now need to be confirmed by the Secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local Government before they can take effect.

Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Dominic Beck, said: “Selective Licensing helps ensure that landlords meet their obligations to provide appropriate housing, and supports landlords in ensuring tenants meet their obligations to their properties and neighbourhood. It improves the standard of housing for entire neighbourhoods, leads to more reliable, longer term tenancies; higher quality and safer housing standards; reduced levels of homelessness; and increased property and rent values which in turn helps create greater community cohesion.

“The Council recognises that there are many good and responsible landlords, and we hope they welcome these proposals to ensure all landlords work to the same level.”

All residents and business addresses in the proposed areas a have been sent a summary of the proposals for their area and a questionnaire to complete and return to the council to capture their views. Landlords are also being contacted directly as part of the consultation.

The consultation closes on 8 September 2019.

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