Council says it with flowers for 40,000th subscriber to the brown bin scheme

Published Monday, 12th August 2019
Cllr Emma Hoddinott and council staff with the Stoneman family.
Cllr Emma Hoddinott and Rotherham Council staff with the Stoneman family.

Rotherham Council celebrated the 40,000th subscription to its garden waste service by presenting a rose bush to two of its youngest gardeners.

The presentation was made to seven-year-old Madeleine and five-year-old Sarah with their parents David and Vicky Stoneman.

The Council has been running the garden waste service since October 2018 and over the past 10 months has seen a steady increase in the amount of garden waste being collected.

Currently, over 13,000 tonnes of garden waste is collected from residents every year which is shredded, composted and mixed with bio-solids derived from the water treatment works at Aldwarke Lane for use in agriculture.

Mr David Stoneman, from Anston, said: “I was delighted when I heard we were the 40,000th people to receive a brown bin. I was persuaded by my in-laws who already benefit from a brown bin. They said it would make my life easier and rather than making several trips to the tip to dump our garden waste. Now I can spend more time in the garden with the children who have been inspired to grow vegetables. It's kinder to the environment, too as I'm not using my car to run to the tip.”

Madeleine Stoneman, aged seven, said she can’t wait to plant the rose given to her by the Council and watch it grow. She loves eating vegetables and has already been successful at this, proudly saying: “I’ve already grown my own carrots and spring onions, with my Dad’s help.”

Speaking about the service, Cllr Emma Hoddinott, Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member responsible for Waste, Roads and Community Safety, said: “It was great to meet Mr and Mrs Stoneman and their family to present them with the 40,000th brown bin. It's a significant milestone for the service which is less than a year old.”

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