New artefact brings history to life at Museum

Published Tuesday, 4th March 2014
Roman pendant at Clifton Park Museum
Roman pendant at Clifton Park Museum

A historic object is set to bring Rotherham’s history into sharp focus this month as an important piece of our town’s past goes on display at Clifton Park Museum.

The Friends of Clifton Park Museum recently purchased a small Roman Pendant for the popular town centre museum.

This new, and historically important, artefact is of significant historical value and is now on display in the Roman Gallery at the Museum.

This is a significant piece as it is Roman in origin, of a style that is relatively uncommon. Only a few pieces of similar shape and style have been found in this country although none are identical to this item.

The pendant shows the type of aspirations of the relatively well-to-do people who were living or passing through Roman Rotherham.

It is not of the highest quality of workmanship, but it shows that people were trying to match items of higher quality. This contrasts with the usual finds and jewellery the museum currently have in their collections, which is more functional and used by the soldiers and local population of Rotherham at the time.

The pendant has been described as a "small gem-set gold pendant comprising a translucent purple oval glass gem, of plano-convex cross-section, set in an oval gold frame encircled by a beaded gold wire".

The workmanship is good and the gold of very high purity. The pendant is only the second piece of Roman gold jewellery in the collection, alongside the Roman gold ring which is currently on display in the Roman Gallery.

Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, Cllr Amy Rushforth, said: "This is another fantastic, and fascinating, artefact for the museum which will no doubt bring a further dimension of Rotherham's history to life.

"I'd like to thank the Friends of Clifton Park Museum for their kind donation. Even though the pendant isn't worth much from a financial point of view, its historical value is phenomenal.

"To actually be able to see an item which was part of Roman Rotherham really brings our history into context.

"Hopefully, this will encourage even more people to visit our wonderful museum."

The Friends of Clifton Park Museum was formed in 1998 to support the museum and encourage interest in heritage and the Museum. The Friends group meets once a month and would welcome anyone wishing to join.

For further details please telephone the group secretary on 01709 548122.

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