More parents get their primary preference

Published Thursday, 16th April 2015
Starting school
Starting school

More Rotherham parents than ever are getting their children into primary schools of their choice this year.

Across the borough 93.98 per cent of parents will hear today (Thursday, April 16) that their children have gained their first preference of primary school. 

Out of 3,187 applications, 2,995 children were offered their first preference, while 129 (4.05 per cent) were offered their second preference and 18 (0.56 per cent) were offered their third preference.

This means that a total of 98.59 per cent of applicants were offered one of their three preferences. 

This is an improvement on last year's (2014) figures when 91.5 per cent achieved their first preference, 5 per cent their second and 1.5 per cent their third.

Ian Thomas,  Strategic Director for Childrens and Young Peoples Services for the Council, said it was great news for Rotherham parents.

He added: "The forward planning of school place demand within the authority together with the positive relationships with our schools, has meant that by partnership working we have been able to deliver projected additional capacity in areas of need in a timely manner."

Mr. Thomas added that the authority has planned for future demographic growth within the Borough.

From September 2015 to September 2017 a total of 280 new primary places will be created with the building of a new school and the expansion of a further two existing schools.