Parking boost for Town Centre

Published Thursday, 14th May 2015
a parked car
a parked car

The Council is installing a "Pay on Exit" barrier system in its multi-storey car park located on Wellgate.

Work commenced on Monday May 11 and the system is expected to be operational by the end of May. It will replace the traditional "pay and display" machines in the car park.

The new barrier controlled parking system will allow customers to enjoy a visit to the town centre without having to worry about over-staying the time paid for. 

Customers will simply take a ticket from the machine upon entry and pay at one of the pay stations when they return to their cars. 

Payment options will include both cash and debit/credit card "chip and pin" facilities.

The success of the system will be monitored and if it proves popular the Council will give serious consideration to the installation of similar equipment in other car parks.

Advisory Cabinet Member for Housing and the Local Economy, Cllr Denise Lelliott, said: "We are delighted to offer this facility to customers. The Council has made a significant investment in this technology and we really hope that our customers will enjoy the benefits as it means visitors to the town centre will only pay for what they use."

The system does not facilitate free parking for blue badge holders. This is standard for locations nationally where this equipment is in use. However, the Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers and Parking Office team are happy to offer advice to customers regarding the numerous alternative locations for parking without charge for Blue Badge holders.

Car parks in close vicinity are Wellgate North and Douglas Street surface car parks. There are also on-street designated disabled parking bays on Wellgate and Blue Badge holders may also use any standard pay and display parking bays without charge.