Recycling Week 2016

Published Friday, 9th September 2016
Cllr Emma Hoddinott with some of the more unusual items for recycling.
Cllr Emma Hoddinott with some of the more unusual items which can be put into your blue box, once any plastic tops are removed first.

Recycling Week 2016 takes place between Monday 12 to Sunday 18 September.

We want to thank the residents of Rotherham for all the great recycling that’s being done and tell you about the more unusual items which can be recycled.

We know Rotherham residents recycle drink and food cans, jam jars, cardboard boxes and newspapers, but objects such as deodorant cans, foil trays, beauty cream jars and toilet roll tubes are often missed.

There are lots of places around the home where unusual items can be found. In the bathroom or bedroom, people have paper and cardboard items such as toothpaste boxes and tissue boxes. If everyone in the UK recycled one toothpaste box, it would save enough energy to run a fridge in over 2,000 homes for a year.

Don’t forget your perfume or aftershave bottles, because the glass from all your little scented bottles is recyclable.

Keep an eye out for aluminium deodorant and air freshener cans. If everyone in the UK recycled one aluminium deodorant can, enough energy could be saved to vacuum over 480,000 homes for a year. Or, if everyone in the UK recycled one air freshener can, enough energy could be saved to run a fridge for over 91,000 homes for a year!

Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Waste, Roads and Community Safety, Cllr Emma Hoddinott, said: “It's encouraging that residents are keen to recycle, it's important to prevent waste going to expensive and unsightly landfill. Rotherham already successfully diverts around 97% of its waste away from landfills but there are lots of items that get overlooked such as deodorant cans, beauty product jars and toilet roll tubes, which can also be recycled."

There are many great benefits to recycling, as many materials can be recycled over and over again with no loss of quality. For example, in Rotherham, materials collected at kerbside via blue box and bag, are: paper, cardboard, tins, cans and glass. The paper and cardboard are delivered to KCM for onward transfer to Newport Paper for recycling.

Cans and glass go to Beatson Clark, where they sort and recycle the glass directly in to their bottle and jar manufacturing process and sort the tins and cans ready for the recycling of the steel and aluminium.

Plastic items can be recycled by residents when they take them to their local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

The materials are then sent to manufacturers who make them into new products. This saves resources, helps the environment, reduces energy use and supports a thriving recycling economy.

Local representatives will be attending Rotherham Show and Rotherham Market as part of the Recycling Week and can discuss recycling options with residents on:

  • Sunday 11 September at Rotherham Show (Trade stand section B) in Clifton Park, Clifton Lane
  • Tuesday 13 September at Rotherham Market, All Saints Square, adjacent to the Minster Gardens

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