Private and Housing Association rented housing — information for landlords and managing agents


If we inspect a house you let, you will be asked to carry out repairs if there are hazards which are likely to put safety of tenants or others at risk.

You may also be asked to remove waste accumulating at the property, secure empty properties and deal with tenants who cause anti-social behaviour.

In all of these circumstances you will be provided with details of the problems and in most cases, what to do to rectify it. If you don’t comply with an informal request and keep us updated with progress, you could be served with an improvement notice. This would result in an additional bill to cover the cost of that enforcement action, sometimes up to £400.

If you do not comply with an improvement or another type of enforcement notice, the Council can carry out the work and charge you the full costs including additional enforcement officer time and administrative costs.

In extreme circumstances the Council can do emergency works (which you would have to pay for) with limited notice, or prohibit the house immediately or after a 28 day period.

Normally, failure to comply with an improvement notice or a licensing condition would result in a prosecution for the criminal offence or a Civil Penalty of up to £30,000.

See the Council’s enforcement policy  

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