Roads improvement programme

The Pothole Action Fund and Pothole Resilience Additional funding 2018/19

The Government has recognised the damage caused to our local roads due to severe weather and as a result The Department for Transport (DfT) has awarded Rotherham a grant of £615,000 to tackle the deterioration in 2018/19. Please see the Pothole / Resilience Fund sites 2018/2019 for full details and locations being targeted through this programme.

The Council also received £3,625,387 from the DfT Highway Maintenance Block - Needs Based and Incentive Element funding streams for 2018/19. In October 2018, Rotherham Council received £1.65m of further Government funding which has been used to carryout carriageway resurfacing schemes including highway repair works. Please see below for the full details and locations the additional grant of £1.65m has funded in 2018/2019.

View the sites of DfT £615k Pothole funding and DfT £1.65m additional funded schemes