Bin collections

Our staff are working hard to deliver a normal bin service, even with reduced staffing levels. All rounds are currently being completed on schedule.

Report a missed bin collection

We will update this page if there is any disruption to rounds. If this is the case you should leave your bin by the kerbside and we will collect as soon as possible.

Please remember that we can only collect your garden waste in your brown bin if you have paid for an up to date garden waste subscription and are displaying a valid blue sticker on your bin. Bins displaying the out of date green sticker may not be collected.

Disposal of waste for households with possible coronavirus (Covid-19) infection

Protect your bin crews: do not place used tissues in your green bin. If anyone in your household has a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus, put all used tissues and cleaning cloths in a rubbish bag. These bags should be placed into another bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste. After 72 hours, the bag should be placed in your pink lid bin.

Further guidance on cleaning and disposal of waste for households with possible coronavirus (Covid-19) infection:

See Covid-19: cleaning of non-healthcare settings

Check your bin collection day

Check the bin collection calendar

On your bin collection day

Please make sure your bin is placed at the kerbside on collection day before 7am and not blocking the pavement.

We may not have collected your waste because the:

  • Your bin lid was not shut
  • You left side waste or additional bagged waste
  • Your bin was not presented (bins need to be at kerbside by 7am)
  • Your recycling container contained incorrect material
  • The incorrect bin or container was presented for collection

Do not compact the contents of your bin as it makes it difficult for our collection vehicles to remove and it could damage your bin.

See what goes in each bin

Missed bin collections