Schools Admission Determination 2023-2024

Admission Numbers and Admissions Criteria


This item gives governors the opportunity to consider the admission arrangements (criteria and admission number), which will apply for admission in 2023/24. The Local Admission Forum has previously considered the requirements for consultation and has agreed that the LA should facilitate this, as far as possible, by use of the Authority’s Internet site.

The timetable for the year is:-

Autumn Term 2021 Governing bodies consider the arrangements which will apply.

By 19th November 2020 All relevant details to be forwarded to the LA.

6th December – 21st January 2022 Period of consultation via the LA’s website.

By mid-February LA and the Local Admission Forum consider any changes and forward any comments to appropriate Admission Authority (ies).

By 18th February 2022 All admission authorities to determine their arrangements and notify those consulted.


Community and Controlled Schools

For these schools, the LA is the admission authority. The admissions criteria for 2022/23 are shown at Appendix 1.

There are no proposed changes to the admission criteria for 2023/24.

Each school’s proposed admission number is shown at Appendix 2.

Voluntary Aided Schools/Academies/Trust Schools

The governing body is the admission authority. Full consultation is required.

If there are any proposed changes at Church of England schools, Governing Bodies should consult their Diocesan Board before consulting anyone else.

Pro-forma to be completed and returned as for community and controlled schools.


Further General Points

All infant, J&I and Primary schools need to continue to be mindful of the need to maintain classes from FS2 to Y2 at 30 or less, with the exception of excepted pupils as stipulated under the Admissions Code of Practice.

If you require any further information or would wish to discuss any matters relating to admission numbers/criteria/net capacity, please contact Chris Stones on 01709 25483