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HR Transactional Service — Academy Schools


Available to: All Academy Schools

As follows: Annual agreement — financial year

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Contact: Paul Cosgrove

Telephone: 01709 334160


Service description

The HR Service Centre provides a professional and comprehensive transactional HR service to Academies. We provide an integrated, fully managed HR and Payroll Service using the self-service functionality of the HR Portal to capture and deliver data.

We work alongside external agencies such as Pensions Authorities, HMRC and Voluntary Organisations to ensure all aspects of administration relating to an employee’s pay is undertaken.

Intuitive HR Portal wizards allow managers to submit employee data and extract business information using the internet. Transactional Services cover:

  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Self Service
  • HR administration
  • DBS administration
  • Pension administration
  • Customer Services Helpline

Service details

Our inclusive Academy Transactional Service package offers the following:

  • Internet based HR Portal providing a self-service facility for all HR administration including a wide range of information about employees, their pay, contracts, DBS, sick absence etc.
  • Recruitment advertising in the required media and websites
  • Pre-employment checks and DBS application process ensuring compliance for a nominal administration fee. All DBS applications to be processed using the new on-line system (ebulk) to ensure a rapid turnaround time
  • Processing of contracts of employment in line with agreed templates including the Written Statement of Employment Particulars
  • Processing of employee contract variations including changes to contract, transfers, promotions etc.
  • Administration of variable pay elements including overtime, additional hours claims
  • Processing of Supply Teachers' payment claims
  • Email contact available using generic address
  • Implementation of national and local pay changes
  • Application of the Academy's relevant Terms and Conditions of Service in relation to the calculation of basic pay for all employees and other variable pay elements
  • Establishment and maintenance of payroll data records for employees
  • Maintenance of the appropriate information to enable the payment of Statutory and Occupational Payments and other related initiatives
  • Provision of itemised payslips either as paper or electronic payslip displaying the Academy logo
  • Processing of all leaver actions for those employees leaving the payroll
  • Processing of all salary sacrifice schemes
  • Administration of the Local Government and Teacher's pension schemes including all AVC schemes applicable
  • Provision of Real Time Information returns for HMRC after each pay run ensuring compliance with HMRC rules
  • Compilation and completion of appropriate Statutory Returns required by the Academy
  • Provision of information to facilitate the completion of the year end Teacher's Pension End of Year Certificate
  • Compliance with Auto-enrolment legislation undertaking aspects relating to deferment and postponement for Local Government Pensions Scheme, ensuring employees are auto-enrolled to a qualified scheme in line with legislation and the pension scheme rules. This provision also includes the auto-enrolment of optants–out every three years
  • Production of the Teacher's Pension Annual Service Return and the Local Government Pension Fund Credit Tab
  • Provision of management information reports at detail and summary level including specialist reports for Academies
  • Transmission of payroll payments to employees and other Agencies via a BACS Bureau ensuring statutory pay over deadlines are met
  • Compliance with statutory changes ensuring all employee records and payments meet future legislative change


The HR Transactional service charge for 2019/20 will be communicated directly to Academies on an individual basis.

Academies will be invoiced early in the financial year (April 2019) based on this information.

DBS Checks – National rate plus an administration fee of £12.

Conversion - there is a one-off fee for the conversion of a School to an Academy payroll. This additional work covers the set-up of a new Academy payroll, the configuration of the HR Portal, the creation of Academy payslip stationery, the implementation of PAYE/RTI and the transfer of employee payroll records to the new company payroll. For this work there is a set-up fee of £750.

BACS - Additionally, there is a £450 pa charge for the transmission of BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing Service) to ensure payment to employees and associated on costs.

See the Service Level Agreement