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Moving and Handling Service


Available to: All maintained and academy schools

As follows: Advice and guidance – annual agreement – financial year Training – Pay as used

Service description

The Moving & Handling Service enables schools to meet their Health and Safety obligations regarding staff training and statutory responsibilities for the safety of children/young people in their care such as follows:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974 (HASAWA, 1974) Section 2 & 7.
  • Manual Handling Operations Regulations, 1992 (MHOR, 1992) Regulation 4, Guidance Notes
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, 1999 (MHSAWR, 1999), Regulation 13.

Having suitably trained staff will enable schools to respond to needs identified in a child/young person’s statement or Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP), or might be used to provide evidence of safeguarding for Ofsted as part of their local offer and in fulfilment of their statutory responsibilities.

Service details

The aims of the service are:

  • To enable inclusion of children / young people with health, medical, personal care or disability issues to access education in their local school,
  • To ensure that the needs of child / young person are met by appropriately trained competent and confident staff,
  • To provide advice and support for staff,
  • To improve the quality of care provided to children / young people within schools.

Due to the delegation of centrally-held funding from April 2016, the service will become charged to all schools.

This service is offered in 2 sections, consultancy, advice, guidance and support element and training element.

The consultancy element is offered as either an annual subscription or as a pay as you go option.

The training element is offered as a ‘pay as you go’ option only.

NB: Special Schools have a purpose built subscription and training package given the complex needs of the pupils attending.

See the Service Level Agreement

Service options and charges

Option1 – Consultancy Service - Annual Advice, Guidance and Support subscription

Qualified practitioner support from the Manual Handling Co-ordinator including:

  • Multi-disciplinary site visits to assess and advise on the manual handling needs of the children/staff.
  • Assisting schools in the preparation planning for child and parents, staff and school prior to the child /young person starting school and transition between key stages (e.g. travel to school, how the child /young person gets around the building, assessing disabled  toilet facilities, evacuation in an emergency).
  • Advice on school outings, risk assessments, child /young person’s personal/intimate care needs, etc.
  • Signposting parents and school staff to other support agencies or sources of useful information – including liaison with physiotherapists and occupational therapists to ensure the child’s/young person’s needs are met.
  • Support to schools when reasonable adjustments need to be made to support pupils with a ‘temporary’ disability
  • Supporting the annual review process.

School Published Admission Number (PAN)

Primary £

Secondary £

Special £

Children’s Centres, MLD Special Schools and Schools up to 20 PAN












Up to 150








Special Schools Newman, Hilltop, Kelford

(Bespoke package)


Option 2 - Consultancy Service offered as a ‘pay as you go’ option at a rate of £95.00 per hour with a minimum of a 2 hour charge applicable.

Training – Induction Course

6-hour course delivered in two 3-hour modules (can be over a single day) and comprises Underpinning Theory Module followed by a practical module bespoke to the individual needs of the pupil.

The course is valid for 1 year, with an annual mandatory update (Update courses are 3 hours in duration and bespoke to your needs).

The course includes:

  • Manual Handling Theory, Knowledge & Understanding
  • Inanimate Load Handling & Practical Application of Ergonomics
  • Sitting, Standing, Walking Techniques
  • Bed Mobility Techniques
  • Hoisting Techniques
  • Lateral Transfers
  • Wheelchair Awareness
  • Mangar Elk – Practical Training
  • Saturn Transfer Disc – Practical Training
  • VDU / DSE / Workstation Assessment  
  • Personal/Intimate Care Guidance
  • Writing Risk Assessments
  • Overview of Moving & Handling Equipment for People
  • Emergency Evacuation Equipment
  • Working with Children in Early Years Settings and Working at or near Floor level 
  • Moving & Handling for Drivers and Escorts of Pupils with Disabilities

Course charges and discounts

£50 per delegate – full day Induction training Course

Full Day training discounts:

> 20 delegates = £42 per delegate

> 40 delegates = £37 per delegate

>60 delegates = £31 per delegate

£40 per delegate – half day Induction or Update training Course

Half day training discounts:

> 20 delegates = £35 per delegate

>40 delegates = £30 per delegate

> 60 delegates = £25 per delegate

Get in touch

Contact: Phillip Nartey

Telephone: 01709 336418

Mobile: 07717 733249