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School Loans Service


Available to: All maintained and academy schools, primary and special schools

As follows: Annual agreement by financial year

Service description

Schools Loans Service materials are selected to make a meaningful contribution to pupils’ learning and development both within and outside of school.

It maintains a collection of over 100,000 books and other items for loan to schools, ensuring a cost-effective alternative to the purchase of expensive books and materials. The service provides for all abilities from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage 2 and is structured to meet the needs of teachers and children, in line with National Curriculum requirements.

The service can provide:

  • Topic boxes delivered every term
  • Termly exchange of fiction if required
  • Museum artefacts for short-term loan
  • Resources to support children with learning difficulties
  • Direct work with children e.g. story-reading or interactive classroom history sessions
  • Professional advice on how to organise your school library

Service details

Schools Library Service

Topic loans up to 20 items per teacher at any one time (maximum 80 loaned per term)

Literacy materials: up to 3 multi-sets, 3 literacy topic boxes, 1 story sack , 3 big books and 1 display box per teacher at any one time (maximum 3 transactions per term)

Fiction exchange (as per agreed quotas)

1 day per year of professional advice and support on all aspects of literacy and library promotion

Termly visit/customer account meeting with school

Museum Loans Service

Loan of museum artefacts for a maximum period of a half-term: including Topic boxes and Models.

Maximum of 6 items per school per term

See the Service Level Agreement

Service options and charges

Option 1 – Gold Schools Library Service plus Museum Loan Service.

Charge = Base allocation: £810 plus £6.95 per pupil

Option 2 – Silver Schools Library Service Charge = Base allocation: £670 plus £6.95 per pupil

Option 3 – Bronze Museum Loans Service Charge = Base allocation: £670 per school

Professional support for reading and library development are included in all 3 options.

Schools may subscribe to any option for one or two years. A school purchasing for two years will receive a 10% discount on the total subscription.

Please note: A 2% penalty surcharge will be imposed incrementally for every month or part on payments that are made later than two months after delivery of service.

Get in touch

Contact: John Greaves

Telephone: 01709 255498