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Admissions and Appeals Service


Available to: All Mainstream Schools and Academy Schools

As follows: Annual Agreement — Financial Year 2019/20

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Contact: Dean Fenton

Telephone: 01709 254821


Service description

The Local Authority allocates places at Rotherham schools in accordance with the authority’s published Admissions Policy, the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 as amended by the Education Acts of 2006 and 2008 and the Admissions and Appeals Codes of Practice. This involves facilitating admissions, transfers and any subsequent appeals and is available to all schools and academies.

We coordinate the annual admission through to school consultation, with all schools and admission authorities; submit annual reports to the Department for Education and the Schools Adjudicator on the effectiveness of coordination, admission and appeal arrangements and compliance with the relevant codes of practice.

The Admissions Team has extensive knowledge of all school admissions and school admission appeals procedures and relevant regulations. We provide a full admission service for children transferring to Year 7, Foundation Stage 2/Reception and Year 3 in a separate Junior School and also a full transfer service for those parents/carers wishing to change schools mid-term.


Cost of Admissions and Appeals Service

£32.50 x PAN (the Published Admission Number of the school / academy)

NB: The cost is inclusive of all admission and appeal costs:

  • All admissions coordination, consultation and allocation of places during the normal admissions round
  • Allocation of places for the start of reception and transfer to different phases of education e.g. Y2/3 transfer from Infant to Junior school and Y6/7 transfer etc.
  • Processing of in-year applications to transfer schools
  • Correspondence with parents/carers in relation to applications
  • The coordination of appeals lodged by parents/carers in relation to the refusal of a school place
  • Facilitation of appeals; including the training and provision of independent panel members; provision of a neutral venue (Town Hall) for hearings and clerking and recording of hearings
  • Legal advice in relation to individual cases
  • Provision of translation services, where required
  • Advice, guidance and support in relation to any subsequent referrals or complaints by parents/carers, or their representatives, to the Department for Education, Schools Adjudicator (for maintained schools) or the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) for academies in relation to admission and appeal decision outcomes

The service is available to all mainstream schools and academies.

See the Service Level Agreement