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Social, Emotional and Mental Health Services


Available to: All maintained and academy schools and pupil referral units

As follows: Annual agreement for financial year

Service description

The Social, Emotional and Mental Health Team is part of the Inclusion Support Services within the Inclusion Department.

All SEMH Team activities relate to:

  • the national and local drive to promote inclusion of all children within their mainstream neighbourhood school
  • raising attainment of all children
  • ensuring appropriate progress of children identified as having Special Educational Needs: Social, Emotional and Mental Health.
  • promoting positive behaviour management strategies through early intervention and preventative work at whole school, group and individual levels
  • equality of opportunity for all children regardless of learning difficulties or disabilities
  • enabling and empowering schools to meet children’s diverse social and emotional needs

The Team promotes inclusive practice through direct intervention, consultancy and CPD to deliver its key priorities:

  • early Identification and Intervention
  • targeted Support for Pupils with challenging social and emotional difficulties (e.g. ADHD, Attachment, as well as reintegration following exclusion)
  • targeted support for pupils in Transition between schools and across Key Stages
  • targeted support for Schools in Challenging Circumstances

Service details

Support is offered to: head teachers, SEN Governors, SEN Coordinators/Inclusion Managers, school staff, children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties and their parents/carers.

CPD is offered for: individual schools and Learning Communities across all Rotherham schools. Charges apply and include costs of planning, resources and organisation of the session.

Schools and academies can purchase packages that offer the following:

  • Support to develop best inclusive, equitable practice to raise attainment for all children
  • Support to the Head Teacher/Senior Leadership Team to address the school’s priorities within its strategic planning. Provision of targeted CPD to champion these priorities
  • Support to raise attainment for all children, not just those with identified learning needs/disabilities
  • Support to the SENCO/Inclusion Manager to develop whole school provision and practice e.g. provision management/establishing a graduated approach/effective deployment of resources
  • Interrogation of data to aid effective planning, delivery and evaluation of targeted intervention, matched to individual pupil/cohort need
  • Support to all adults working with children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties, including ADHD and Attachment needs
  • Support to schools receiving a child excluded from a previous school
  • Support to schools receiving a child with known significant transition needs
  • Advice and support for Newly Qualified Teachers
  • Advice to develop classroom practice in managing behaviour
  • Advice at School SEN Support, to aid more focused target setting/intervention for children
  • Guidance on the use of P levels and PIVATS as an aid to target setting and assessment of individual needs
  • Additional objective advice for statutory assessment in line with LA policy
  • Guidance, monitoring and evaluation of provision made for children who are the subject of an Education Health and Care Plan, their teachers, Teaching Assistants and parents/carers
  • Training and support for parental support initiatives such as ‘Because We Care’
  • The confidence of working with an experienced SEMH Team Inclusion Support Facilitator who has substantial experience and knowledge of working with children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • The confidence of working with a SEMH Team staff member who knows your school and its community
  • Quality service committed to putting the needs of children first
  • Support for SENCO cluster / locality network meetings

See the Service Level Agreement

Service options and charges

In addition to the packages of support specified below, the SEMH Team is able to tailor support to meet the particular requirements of individual schools. (Option E below allows you to specify the hours of support which would most effectively meet your school’s needs). Termly support contracts will be matched to individual school need, based on the menu of activities listed above.

Option 1 – Package A £6600

120 hours - the equivalent of half a day support for 37 weeks of the year.

Option 2 - Package B £3410

62 hours – the equivalent of half a day support each fortnight over 37 weeks of the year

Option 3 - Package C £1980

36 hours – the equivalent of 11 half days support (one visit per month)

Option 4 - Package D £1100

20 hours – the equivalent of six half day visits per year

Option 5 - Package E £55/£60 per hour

Please use Option 5 if Support Packages A-D do not match your school or academy’s needs. Please specify on the Buy Back form the number of hours support required for the coming year. This will be charged at £55 per hour.

Should you choose to buy further hours through the school year in addition to Options 1 to 5 above, these will be charged at £60 per hour.

Get in touch

Contact: Sarah Phillips

Telephone: 01709 334077