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Genuine Partnerships and Rotherham Charter Services


Available to: All Schools, Colleges and Services

As follows: Annual Agreement — Academic or Financial Year, or with prior agreement pay as used

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Contact: Vera Njegic

Telephone: 01709 822042


Service description

Genuine Partnerships has earned a national reputation for working with schools, settings, services and Local Areas to support equal partnership working with parent, carers, children and young people through the Rotherham Charter principles, now known as the four cornerstones of Co-production.

There is a wealth of evidence to show that working in partnership in this way generates a positive organisational ethos that brings better outcomes for children, young people and families. It involves everyone with a responsibility under section 19 of the Children and Young Families Act 2014, the 2014 SEND Code of Practice, and/or those considering Ofsted / CQC Joint Local Area inspection. Our Genuine Partnerships model has been adopted as best practice by the Department for Education's national SEND contractors. Our team is friendly, made up of skilled practitioners, parents and carers, and young people, who have a diverse range of experiences. Whether you are a school, college, setting, service or provider we can work with you to further develop engagement and involvement at a range of levels.

We offer training, action research and bespoke packages of support. The most popular and recommended, is our Gold Accreditation Inclusive package which involves support over time to achieve Accreditation.

Achieving Charter Gold Accreditation is recognition not only of what you offer as an organisation, but also your journey of self-improvement. It is acknowledgement that the ethos and system you have in place are both embedded and robust, and support the emotional wellbeing of the whole school / setting / service community.

The way the team works uniquely models co-production. Trained and experienced practitioner representatives, parents, carers and young people jointly deliver all our packages of training packages and support, including the recommended Gold Accreditation Package.

A new electronic self-evaluation tool Charter Promise is also available on subscription.

Service details

Option 1 – Charter Gold Accreditation Inclusive package of support

Highly recommended for schools, settings and colleges. Enabling and celebrating excellent practice, the package includes: access to the Charter Promise self-evaluation tool, whole school training, consultations and support, help with action planning, an appreciative inquiry day gathering feedback from parent carers, children and young people, detailed reports, Gold Accreditation and report, invitation to Gold Celebration Event and access to Charter User Group.

2 Year package @ £1,500 per annum - £3,000 total

Option 2 - Bespoke Gold Accreditation Inclusive option for service providers

Agreed charge depending upon size and needs.

If you do not wish to purchase one of the inclusive packages (Option 1 and 2) all at once, individual elements can be purchased.

Option 3 - Charter Promise Self-Evaluation online tool.

Register annually to subscribe to the updated electronic Charter self-evaluation tool plus informal telephone or email consultation. Your member login will allow you access to the tool and enable the Charter team to see your progress as you build your portfolio.

£150 per annum

Option 4 - Charter First Steps 2 day training package

Aimed at schools, settings and colleges wanting to co-create a better model of partnership working. For one staff member and one parent carer or young person (£60 per person per day). Day 1 and Day 2 are about 4 weeks apart to allow developments to begin. The cost of this course is deductible from the Charter Gold Accreditation Inclusive package (Option 1)


Option 5 - Gold Accreditation only

Including preparatory consultation, full day process, Gold Accreditation report and invitation to Gold Celebration Event.


Option 6 - Charter Gold Re-accreditation

Further support to achieve Charter Gold Re-accreditation every 3 years. This package includes Charter Promise log-on, annual training session, Charter User Group, annual Charter Gold event and telephone or email consultation.

£150 annual subscription

Option 7 - Appreciative Inquiry full day (for schools, settings and colleges)

Touring the school/setting/college gathering feedback from parent carers, children and young people through focus groups plus detailed feedback report and consultation to help with action planning that will embed the Charter principles in systems, policy and therefore everybody’s practice.


Option 8 - Bespoke Appreciative Inquiry for Service Providers

Agreed charge depending upon size and needs.

Option 9 - Advice and Consultation Support

For e-mail/telephone advice and termly consultation to support the school, setting, college or service in taking active steps to develop practice and gather the evidence they need for Gold Accreditation.

£350 per annum

Option 10 - Whole staff Rotherham Charter training session

  • Half day (min) £375
  • Twilight (min) £250

(Charges dependent on numbers)

Option 11 - Full day personalised whole staff training session from Genuine Partnerships;

menu of training programmes from £600

(See Genuine Partnerships web-site for menu. Charges dependent on numbers)

Bespoke options are also possible, taking into account good practice already evident and the individual needs of schools, settings, colleges and service providers.

Service options

Early Years, Primary and Special Schools

Option 1 Core Service
Provision of core service supported by a dedicated finance officer from our Riverside House Offices. Visits can be purchased ad hoc subject to availability.

Options 2 to 6 – Core Service with Visits

Option 2 - Termly Visits
Maximum of 3 visits to your school

Option 3 - Half-termly Visits
Maximum of 6 visits to your school

Option 4 - Monthly Visits
Maximum of 10 visits to your school

Option 5 - Fortnightly Visits
Maximum of 20 visits to your school

Option 6 - Weekly Visits
Maximum of 39 visits to your school

Secondary Schools

Option 1 – Core Service
Provision of core service supported by a dedicated finance officer from our Riverside House Offices. One visit for FMS closedown included. Additional visits can be purchased subject to availability.

Option 2 – Core Service with visits
Provision of core service supported by a dedicated finance officer including a maximum of 6 visits to your school. Each 3¼ hour visit is tailored to suit individual school’s needs. Additional visits can be purchased subject to availability.

Additional Options – all Maintained Schools

  • Additional Visits – further visits can be purchased in addition to the visits included above
  • Assistance with Recruitment of Finance Staff – help with writing job descriptions and personal specifications, short-listing, interviews and /or initial induction training. (subject to availability)
  • Cover for holiday & sickness of finance staff. (subject to availability)
  • Training Sessions – Further to the 3 sessions included in the core service


Charges will be dependent upon the range and scale of work as per the options and in the Service Level Agreement.