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Trade Union Facilities Time


Available to: All maintained and academy schools

As follows: Financial Year 1st April 18 to 31st March19

Service description

The local Trade Union facilities time arrangement enables the utilisation by schools of highly experienced, locally based Trade Union officials, to deal with the vast majority of case work occurring in schools/academies. This enables discussion of issues with representatives who know Rotherham schools/academies well and allows swift resolution of issues.

This approach to the funding of the facilities time provides schools/ academies with the ability to meet statutory responsibilities (to allow trade union representatives to have reasonable time off for these purposes), avoiding more complex, internal, arrangements.

Ensuring quick and effective issue resolution will also contribute to the welfare and wellbeing of staff, both through appropriate trade union support and also by ensuring that issues are resolved as quickly and effectively as possible.

The approach also allows the building of working relationships with consistent points of trade union contact and with individuals who understand and are responsive to local circumstances.

Trade Unions covered by the arrangement are: NASUWT, NEU, NAHT & ASCL.

See the Service Level Agreement


The cost to maintain the current service provision will be £1.85 per pupil for a 12 month period (based upon 2016 school census pupil numbers). This will invoiced or recharged in May 2018.

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