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Available to: Maintained and Academy Schools

As follows: Annual agreement — academic year or financial year

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Contact: Kim Phillips/Joanne Campbell

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Service description

Riverside Catering is a well-established locally based team of professional specialist caterers, dedicated solely to providing high quality catering services to schools, nurseries, pupil referral units and a respite centre for young people. Each day over 14,000 pupils enjoy the great tasting meals we currently supply to schools in Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield.

Our primary focus is helping our young people build strong bodies, sharp minds and lead healthy lives.

Riverside Catering ensures the food we provide is tailored to pupils' needs, as we appreciate how getting young people to eat healthily can be a challenge. Our aim is to ensure that each day; every pupil has a positive lunchtime experience.

Our service is constantly evolving as we add value to the customer experience and provide the best possible service for the pupils and the school.

Service details

Riverside Catering is able to offer three options to assist with your obligation to provide catering to pupils.

Option 1 – Full Catered Service

This is the simplest and most comprehensive option available; it provides your school with a full Catered Service. It offers the level of service required by a school to comply with the statutory legislation to supply meals to pupils.

If you require a bespoke service option to suit the individual needs of your school we will discuss your requirements and prepare a specific quotation. We charge on a price per meal basis and prices will be available from Riverside Catering from January 2019.

Option 2 – Managed Service

This option will offer your school professional and technical support if you choose to operate the catering service yourselves. It will provide support from our Operational Management team who will oversee the catering operation, advising on: production methods, food preparation, cooking and presentation, staffing, budgetary performance. This option will also allow access to purchasing contracts and staff training opportunities.

A specific quotation for your school will be prepared if you wish to consider this option.

Prices will be available on request from Riverside Catering from January 2019.

Option 3 – Monitoring Service

This option will provide a monitoring service for your school if your school lunches are provided by an external private contractor.

This service is offered at a set price comprising of six monitoring visits and three termly reports to Governors per year. Additional visits to give further assistance will be charged at a daily rate.

Benefits will include:

  • minimal or no school management activity for catering
  • ensuring service delivery complies with your service specification, including cost and quality and all statutory service related legislation


Prices for all service options are specific to each school.

Maintained schools will receive their prices in February 2019.

Academy Schools will receive their prices in June 2019.

See the Service Level Agreement for Maintained Schools

See the Service Level Agreement for Academy Schools