Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Finding Childcare for Children With Addition Needs

Our Early Years Inclusion Officers are here to help you find childcare that meets your child’s individual needs.

One of the Early Years Inclusion Officers will work with you to find out exactly what childcare you need including what type of childcare provider you prefer, when you need it and the additional support your child needs.

The Early Years Inclusion Officers also work with the childcare providers to ensure that they are fully trained and equipped to look after your child.

When you first visit your preferred childcare providers one of the team will be there to help and answer any questions you have.

While your child is attending that childcare provider they will continue to work with the childcare provider to make sure they are meeting your child’s needs and also be a contact for you if you have any questions.

FIS can provide more information on finding childcare for children with additional needs call us, e-mail us or visit our Facebook page.

Childcare for Children With Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Childcare for children with special educational needs and disabilities