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Priority four

Reducing and Managing Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) and Criminal Damage

Why this is a priority

Anti-social Behaviour is a key issue of public concern both locally and nationally and impacts on the public’s overall wellbeing and feelings of safety in their neighbourhoods. Proactive collaborative working enabled a reduction in ASB in the last year, however In order to build on this, it is crucial that we continue to make best use of the resources available to us as a Partnership.

Following an increase last year, greater focus is required on reducing Criminal Damage and Arson; along with ASB there is particular concern for the impact that these crimes have on business confidence and footfall in the town centre.

Further information

Anti-social behaviour: a guide

Crime prevention advice. South Yorkshire Police have some useful information

Hate can be any incident or crime motivated by prejudice or hostility against a person’s race, religion or sexual orientation or because they are a disabled person or transgender person. Hate hurts. Report it and put a stop to it

Restorative Justice gives the harmed person the chance to meet or communicate with the wrongdoers to explain the real impact of the crime – it empowers the harmed person by giving them a voice. It also holds wrongdoers to account for what they have done and helps them to take responsibility and make amends. Find out about Community Justice Panels

Victims of crime - There are organisations that victims of crime can contact for free advice, practical information or emotional support.

Working with communities – How the Safer Rotherham Partnership works together with community groups and organisations to achieve our priorities.