Digital Council Strategy

Where Are We Now?

We’re not starting from scratch - this document describes the continuation of a digital journey and we have already made great progress. RMBC has a mature, sophisticated ICT

infrastructure. Investment in technology has been used strategically to create a modern set of systems and processes:

  • We have a highly secure and resilient ICT infrastructure;
  • Our new Social Care case management system will bring a range of process improvements for Adult’s and Children’s social care;
  • The first phase of Your Account is live with 33,000 registered users, 8,306 log-ins per month;
  • Through Your Account our customers can access their details for a range of Council services including Council tax, library accounts, business rates, benefits and landlord accounts;
  • 12,500 of our customers have chosen eBilling over paper Council tax bills;
  • Online self-service has already resulted in 11% reduction in demand via telephone/face to face;
  • We have refreshed our website to make it cleaner and easier to use regardless of the device our customers are using;
  • We are helping to promote digital inclusion by providing free citizen wifi in all libraries, customer service centres, the Town Hall and museum;
  • Technology is used to facilitate the co-location with partners such as the NHS and Police
  • in Council buildings;
  • All our employees have the ability to work from any location and this has allowed us to make significant savings by rationalising our property estate;
  • A number of our systems are hosted externally under a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) or ‘cloud computing’ model which sees the system’s vendor host their software on our behalf. This brings cost, efficiency and business continuity benefits. In having systems externally hosted we can drastically reduce the impact of any local incident which might otherwise have disrupted our access to these critical systems;
  • In partnership with the other South Yorkshire councils we have created the Superfast South Yorkshire project which has already made great progress in delivering fast broadband to more areas of Rotherham.