Digital Council Strategy

The Longer Term: Our Digital Priorities for the Years Ahead

To deliver our longer-term aspirations, the strategy is focused around 4 interlinking themes – Digital Collaboration, Digital Customer Service, Digital Place and Digital Workforce. These are summarised in the table below.

Priority What it means
Digital Collaboration

"Digital technology will enable the Council and its partners to tackle complex issues and work together seamlessly."

This means using digital technology to work with our partners to deliver the outcomes we both desire and incorporates aspects of Digital Customer Service, Digital Workforce and Digital Place.

Digital Customer Service

“Enabling Rotherham’s citizens to get the services and information they need online.”

This means providing services and information online to residents and businesses in a user-friendly way that encourages take up.

Digital Place

“Equipping Rotherham’s residents and businesses with the digital skills and technology they need to enhance their lives.”

This means enabling residents and businesses in the borough to use digital technology to improve their lives, providing them with access to devices and the internet as well as developing their digital skills, from the children and young people in our schools to our elderly residents.

Digital Workforce

“Staff will have the digital tools and skills required to deliver services effectively and efficiently.”

This means delivering positive outcomes for Rotherham’s residents by giving staff access to the data they need and appropriate technology, ensuring they have the skills to use it effectively.