Digital Council Strategy

Digital Customer Service

“Enabling Rotherham’s citizens to get the services and information they need online.” 

If everyone conducted all their Council business face to face, the Council would be unable to afford to provide the services at their current level. Costs have been progressively reduced through Channel Shift – shifting contact firstly to phones and now online, the least costly interaction method of all.

We will continue to support the wider digital agenda by further increasing the number and range of transactional services available through our website, and enabling the further delivery of website services on tablet and smartphone platforms. Developing and promoting digital access channels will reduce transactional costs and improve service availability. We will achieve this by:

  • Supporting the development of more transactional services being made available online;
  • Promoting the use of a Your Account to make it easy for customers to go to one place to get their services delivered securely online 24/7 and with minimum fuss;
  • Reviewing our Contact Centre systems to ensure fit for purpose;
  • Develop a better understanding of customer data, allowing us to transform it into business intelligence and use it to inform service planning and policy development;
  • Promoting customer self-service as the preferred channel of choice;
  • Deploying technology to allow customers to book service appointments online, for a range of RMBC services;
  • Design our services so that customers only need to ‘Tell Us Once’ about a change in circumstances that might affect service delivery across a number of areas’