Rotherham Town Centre

Rotherham Markets

Rotherham has been a market town for 800 years and in many ways it's Rotherham Market that gives the town centre its unique atmosphere, creating a refreshing change from traditional high street shopping.

Rotherham Markets provides a fantastic six - day shopping experience, which brings together an indoor market, covered outdoor market and weekly street market. Add to this our craft fairs and specialist markets and you're guaranteed to discover something different.

The markets offer a vast choice of goods, from collectors' memorabilia to new designer clothes, from ceramic pottery to speciality cheese, from antiques to computer games and much more.

Centenary Indoor Market - Open 6 days a weeks and bustling with everything you need from designer clothes, CDs, books, fresh produce, bags, children's clothes, mobile phone accessories, make-up, bedding, gifts, perfume, toys, sweets jewellery, sportswear, shoes, bags and electrical goods.

Centenary Outdoor Covered Market - Monday, Friday and Saturdays - our general market offering fresh produce and goods.

Tuesday - Second hand clothes and shoes market.

Wednesday - Antiques and Bric-a-Brac market.

Effingham Street Market - Tuesday; 95 stall outdoor market.

Thursday - Rotherham Bazaar

First and third Saturday of the month - Children's Clothing and Toys Market (new and pre-owned goods)