Travel network improvements

Magna Tram-train park and ride

A map of the Templeborough area highlighting the new MAGNA tram train stop, with connections to Rotherham and Sheffield

This scheme is for a 100 to150-space park and ride facility for a proposed new Tram-Train stop at Magna Science and Adventure Park, serving both Rotherham and Sheffield. 

The Tram-Train and park and ride will also link up with the proposed walking and cycling route between Tinsley and Rotherham town centre and Sheffield City Council’s proposed scheme for walking and cycling links continuing on to Meadowhall, ensuring that residents, visitors and commuters have a range of active travel options to reach the new public transport link. 

The Tram Train stop and its park & ride facilities are to be delivered by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) with money secured from the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority. SYPTE will work with Network Rail on delivery of the proposed new Tram-Train stop.

A public consultation on the scheme was conducted in summer 2021.

Logos for Department for Transport and South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority