Flood advice and information

Governments Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Grant

The Property Flood Resilience Grant, of up to £5,000 per property aims:

•    To assist owners to improve flood resilience in properties after they have been flooded.
•    To provide funding to enable the repair of flood damaged properties over and above the cost of standard ‘like for like’ repairs so that if flooding were to re-occur in the future, any flood damage would be limited
•    To ensure value for money is achieved for the government grant, local authorities are required to administer the scheme. To enable this, local authorities should ensure relevant officers forming the project team within the authority are consulted on, from the outset of the scheme, to support delivery, agree the work to be carried out, to check the quality of the work carried out by contractors and the quality of the products being installed at the properties.

There are three methods by which this can be achieved:

•    to undertake works to safely keep water out of a property. (Resistance)
•    to undertake works that mean a building can be quickly brought back into use after flooding: i.e. managing the level and consequences of damage, if there is water entry. (Recoverability)
•    Collaborative Schemes. Grants can be pooled to fund flood alleviation works if this is a more effective way of providing flood resistance.


To be eligible properties must have been severely damaged by a flood event between 7th November 2019 and 18th November 2019. The grant is only available to people where the habitable living or business areas of their properties have been damaged by entry of floodwater, necessitating drying out and/or repairs to the fabric of the building.  

The scheme does not cover:
•    Garages, outhouses and storage areas
•    Second homes
•    Empty homes 
•    Basements or cellars not used as part of the habitable or business area of a property 

The owners of the following types of premises are eligible for the scheme: 
•    Residential properties (including accommodation such as static caravans where this is the primary residence, defined as a location registered on electoral role) where habitable internal areas of the premise have been damaged by flooding by the relevant event. 
•    Business (including social enterprise) and charitable organisation properties where internal areas of the premise which are critical to the day to day operations (i.e. not storage sheds or warehouses) have been damaged.

How to Claim

Online application only, for more information regarding the Property Flood Resilience Recovery Support Scheme CLICK HERE