Flood advice and information

South Yorkshire Community Foundation Grant

South Yorkshire Community Foundation (SYCF) have launched Phase 2 of the South Yorkshire Flood Disaster Relief Fund and are accepting applications from those who have been impacted by the floods during 7th-18th November 2019. The grant is up to £5k per property, an outline of who can apply and what for is provided below, along with a link to the SYCF webpage, where claims can be submitted.

Please note the application states you must supply the name of a referee who is known to you and who can vouch for your circumstances (Teacher, Doctor, Faith Leader, Care worker, Councillor etc)

The Council cannot act as the referee, however, the Council will provide the SYCF with confirmation of the level of impact we believe the property to have suffered based on the information gained through the Government Grant claim process, in order to support your claim. Note, this scheme’s eligibility is wider than the Governments scheme and includes property damage from flood water being below floorboards, however, as can be seen below it does give priority to those in hardship first.

Who can apply?

•    Individuals or families whose properties and contents have been damaged by flooding
•    Individuals or families who are suffering other hardship as a result of the flooding

Anyone affected can apply, although priority will be given to:
•    Uninsured, low income households, people over 70, families with young children, people with physical or learning disabilities or mental health needs or medical conditions
•    Individuals and families suffering financial or other hardship
•    Insured households on low incomes suffering financial hardship with insurance excesses

SYCF can provide support for the following (this is not an exhaustive list):
•    Cleaning up
•    Emergency repairs, decorations etc.
•    Replacement clothing
•    Food and drink
•    Heating and heating equipment/electricity costs
•    Basic furniture and white goods
•    Uninsured costs
•    Removal costs

Wherever possible, grants are made to help applicants replace essential items that have been lost.  The fund does not aim to replace like with like and cannot be a substitute for insurance. SYCF will not normally fund:
•    Gardens, sheds, outbuildings, fences and garden furniture/equipment
•    Vehicles and garages
•    Businesses (but we can consider employees who are facing extreme hardship)

How to apply

•    SYCF will require an application form to support your application.  You must supply the name of a referee who is known to you and can vouch for your circumstances using the Flood fund application form