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Welcome to the Rotherham Data Hub, the new home of the Rotherham Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA.) This website brings together data and intelligence to inform the local understanding of the current and future health needs of Rotherham people. The Rotherham Data Hub is a partnership initiative overseen by Rotherham's Health and Wellbeing Board.

We know that our health is not only influenced by health behaviours (such as smoking, alcohol, diet and exercise) and the health care we receive, but also by our social interactions with others, our sense of community, the environment we live in and our economic circumstances.

Evidence demonstrates that these 'wider determinants of health' have a significant impact across the life course and drive health inequalities between the most and least advantaged in society. The Rotherham Data Hub has been based on this model and broken into five sections, reflecting the wide range of influences on health. For more information on what is included within each section, please refer to the diagram.

In the latest refresh of the Data Hub, we have aimed to include an ‘impact of COVID-19’ statement within each section. In these sections we aim to bring together some emerging data, or case studies, on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in Rotherham (within the context of health and the wider determinants of health). 

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A summary of key findings, interpretation and data included in the JSNA is available for download here.