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Most of the work we do is traded and paid for by schools and settings which means that parents and young people cannot refer directly to the Educational Psychology Service.  
If you feel that your child needs the support of an Educational Psychologist then contact the Special Educational Needs Coordinator of your school or setting to discuss further. 
We also get involved when asked to by the Local Authority including assessments as part of the Education Health and Care Plan process. This is called statutory work.
If you have a question about our involvement please contact us:
Principal Educational Psychologists: Carol Taylor and Rachel Amos 
Postal Address:
Educational Psychology Service
Children and Young People’s Services
Kimberworth Place
Kimberworth Road
S61 1HE
Telephone: 01709 822580
The team is based at Kimberworth Place, but educational psychologists work wherever children, young people and families are: this could be in schools, early years settings, colleges, homes or elsewhere.

E-mail: [email protected]

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