The Mayor of Rotherham

Mayor Cllr Eve KeenanThe Mayor of Rotherham for 2017/18 will be Cllr Eve Keenan.

Taking office after a year as Deputy Mayor, Eve says she “can’t wait to get started” and is looking to bring vibrancy and energy to civic office, with events surrounding arts, culture and communities being planned as the focus of her tenure.

Born and raised in Rainham, Kent, Eve moved to Leeds to attend college in 1982 where she worked for a local church youth project, helping vulnerable young adults who were victims of abuse. It was her work with the church project which inspired her to become a member of the clergy.

After training at Queen’s Foundation Theological College in Birmingham in 1999, and completing her curacy as an apprentice back in Leeds, Eve became an ordained Church of England priest at Ripon Cathedral in 2001.

Her first role with the clergy came in 2004 where she took up the role of Hospital Chaplain at Humber Mental Health Foundation Trust in Hull – a post which she still fulfils.

She now lives in Rotherham with her daughter Rosina, 25, and husband Pat. Eve also has a son, Adam, 28, who lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand.

Her chosen consort is husband of three years, Pat, who is a former British Steelworker from the age of 16 and lifelong Rotherham resident. They met six years ago at Wortley Hall during a regional Trade Union Congress meeting, where Eve said she not only fell in love with him, but with Rotherham.

“Pat offered to move to Hull for me, but I didn’t want to leave, I love Rotherham as much as he does and I find now you can’t get me out of Rotherham! Where I live around my ward, and all over since I’ve been Deputy Mayor, people take the time to talk to you and they’re lovely. I like the real sense of community you get here.”

Eve was elected to her first council seat in Rotherham in 2015, representing Swinton, moving to the Rotherham West ward in the elections of the following year.

Asked why she decided to put her name forward for Mayor of Rotherham, Eve hopes she can bring out the best in the local communities she will represent and bring Rotherham together in the spirit of harmony and kindness.

“I really love people here, and to be the Mayor is a bit like being a parish priest – it’s about spreading the love as much as possible and helping people in a very visible way, and representing the town I’ve fallen in love with.”

The new Mayor’s chosen charities are five local causes within Rotherham, Shiloh; a charity for homeless and vulnerable people; Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, a rescue home for neglected domestic and farm animals; community cohesion group Love is Louder; drama and arts charity Open Minds Theatre Company and Rotherham United Community Sports Trust.

“My charities are ones which I’m very passionate about and ones which I’ve done work with in my time as Deputy Mayor. I was keen to focus on smaller, local charities which do wonderful work within the community and these five are perfect – best of all they’re communicating with each other already, so I’m hoping they’ll all benefit from each other and collectively grow during my time in office.”

Asked how she has prepared for office after a year as Deputy Mayor, she added: “I’ve learnt that I can spend every day with Pat, my best friend, and never get bored. Knowing that I’ll be doing everything with him as my partner, my consort and man I love, is something I can’t wait to do.

“I’ve been to brilliant places and met brilliant people and learnt that Rotherham is a thousand times better than what I already knew it was. I can’t wait to get started.”

Mayor’s charities

Shiloh Rotherham

Shiloh Rotherham is a Christian charity that offers warmth, practical support and pathways to a meaningful, self-reliant life for adults in need. The charity offers facilities for washing, showering and laundry, working with people one-to-one and connecting guests to other support services, enabling them to make better choices for an independent life.

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Thornberry Animal Sanctuary

Thornberry is an independent local animal charity that provides neglected, mistreated and unwanted domestic and farm animals from across Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire a safe haven and sanctuary where they are given love, affection and healthcare before being rehomed with new families.

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Open Minds Theatre Company

Open Minds Theatre Company is a Rotherham based arts and drama organisation that works with different groups of disadvantaged people within the community to improve confidence, self-esteem, communication skills and understanding through exposure and involvement in the arts.

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Love is Louder

Love is Louder is a local cross-community initiative led by Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance (REMA) and aims to spread love, peace and cultural cohesion through interconnecting community and faith projects across the borough.

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Rotherham United Community Sports Trust

Working alongside Rotherham United Football Club, the RUCST delivers community development programmes in deprived areas across the borough under the three main themes of the Football League Trust: Education, Health & Wellbeing and Sport & Community Development. Through the power of football, the Trust promotes physical and emotional health, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, confidence building, social integration and community cohesion.

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The Mayor welcomes invitations to attend events held by local organisations throughout the district.

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Telephone: 01709 822720

Facebook: @RotherhamMayor

Twitter: @RotherhamMayor

Deputy Mayor of Rotherham

The Mayor will be supported in her role by incoming Deputy Mayor, Cllr Alan Buckley.

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